Work Readiness Virtual Tools

Hire and train the best possible job candidates, high-performing superstars who are exceptional, who meet and exceed your qualifications and who best represent your culture, for all internal entry-level positions.
Solutions include:
  • Hiring the best workforce
  • Screening candidates
  • Creating effective work teams
  • Managing conflicts
  • Improving interpersonal communication skills

We can support your initiatives with a set of services that range from job-matching to the design and implementation of a customized program as well as different delivery options, e.g., Web-based, LIVE, or On Demand.

Whether used in a hiring or learning environment, the following tools measure and teach effective thinking, interpersonal, teamwork, analysis and problem solving in entry-level roles.


This powerful tool evaluates important performance-based skills and attitudes needed for getting results, influencing others, and developing effective relationships on the job. When used for learning, we provide individual results reports to enhance the learning process.

Skills Profiler

The Skills Profiler helps gauge a job candidate's ability to perform tasks such as problem solving, reasoning, analysis, and communicating. As a result, the Skills Profiler is a powerful tool for assessing the skills of job applicants for any position where these abilities are critical.

WorkReadiness Character Profile

This insightful tool measures organization "fit", personal characteristics and work orientation factors important to job success. When used for learning, we provide individual results reports to enhance the learning process.


Focused interviews are based on sound performance-based assessment principles and techniques. They feature performance-based questions and performance standards to "dive deep" to evaluate job candidates accurately and objectively. Get it right the first time and hire only the BEST.

Technical Knowledge Test

Our technical knowledge tests consist of questions designed to assess technical or professional expertise in specific knowledge areas. Job knowledge tests evaluate what a person knows at the time of taking the test and are best used to inform employers what an applicant or job incumbent currently knows.

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