Technology Bound™ Tools

Hire, promote, evaluate and train the best possible internal and external candidates for crucial technology and engineering positions.

Solutions include:
  • Improving interpersonal communications
  • Screening job candidates
  • Improving project planning and coordination
  • Developing effective IT work teams

We can support your initiatives with a set of services that range from job-matching to the design and implementation of a customized program as well as different delivery options, e.g., Web-based, LIVE, or On Demand.


The business simulation assessment center is one of the most accurate, thorough employee acquisition and learning technologies ever developed. When used for training, our simulation-based assessment center product evaluates and teaches leadership skills by having participants demonstrate performance in a series of real-world business simulations. As an experiential learning tool, participants "learn by doing", without the inherent risk, and receive results with development feedback from expert observers.


Focused interviews are based on sound performance-based assessment principles and techniques. They feature performance-based questions and performance standards to "dive deep" to evaluate job candidates accurately and objectively. Get it right the first time and hire only the BEST.

Tacit Knowledge Inventory for Managers (TKIM)

The TKIM tool is designed to identify individuals whose “street smarts” indicate the potential for exceptional performance in managerial and executive careers.

Skill Profiler

The Skills Profiler helps gauge a job candidate's ability to perform tasks such as problem solving, reasoning, analysis, and communicating. As a result, the Skills Profiler is a powerful tool for assessing the skills of job applicants for any position where these abilities are critical.


A powerful, in-depth 360º assessment tool designed to provide honest co-worker feedback to assist leaders and managers in taking performance to the next level.

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