Talent Acquisition

If you want to improve your business performance and the effectiveness of your hiring and internal promotion, our online assessment solutions can help you with:

We build and deliver online situational tests and analytical methods that empower your talent acquisition, management and expansion.

Our suite of Talent Life Cycle assessment tools help you to manage your talent. The first step is to objectively define and measure the behavioral "DNA" of your top performers. With this information we can duplicate top performers across your locations, train superstars or turnaround poorly performing work teams and your entire organization. Enriched with our experiential assessment and development content and feedback systems, these tools can transform your business into a best-in-class organization with best-in-class performance and results.

All of our solutions include the following initiatives:

  • Strong executive ownership
  • Significant shift in mindset and culture enterprise-wide
  • Thorough analysis of target jobs/bands to identify success factors
  • Observation, documentation and measurement
  • Assessing first then offering solutions that address your needs
  • Management ownership for Top Level hiring, coaching and career development
  • Employee ownership for their own skill and career development
  • Clear scientific approach for Top Level hiring, coaching and career development

ROI studies demonstrate that AIMM assessments produce significant outcomes, including:

-40% reduction in turnover
-80% reduction in time-to-hire
-70% increase in customer satisfaction
-20% increase in revenue

The 7 Simple™ Rules

The seven rules that matter in an organization talent transformation: A CHRO's guide to human capital reinvention.

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Business SimulationX2Experiences

Ask about our extensive business simulation library—entry-level to executive-level sales, operations, customer support, technology.

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Test Validation

Are you confident in your test results? Ask about our test validation services.

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