Tacit Knowledge Inventory for Managers

The premise that has guided the development of the Tacit Knowledge Inventory for Managers (TKIM) is that the key to effective managerial performance is the acquisition of tacit knowledge-practical know-how that rarely is expressed openly or taught directly. In everyday language, the meaning of tacit knowledge is captured by the common expressions, “street smarts”, “learning the ropes”, “common sense”, and “knowing what goes without saying”.

  • The TKIM tool is designed to identify individuals whose “street smarts” indicate the potential for exceptional performance in managerial and executive careers. AIMM uses the tool to guide organizations in the selection of entry-level managers, promotion of first- and second-level leaders to higher ranks, and as a diagnostic tool for training and development.
  • Identify your emerging leaders. Know who can best apply their leadership skills and knowledge on the job. Create a succession plan and build leadership capacity.

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