Success Skills

Our research shows that people with depth and competency in these four skill groups have the basic raw material to become great managers and leaders. Do your leaders and managers have what it takes? Assess NOW and find out.

T.A.P.S. - Skills of great leaders and managers:

  • Thinking Skills

    *Analyzing & Integrating Data *Creating *Critical Thinking *Forecasting *Innovating *Judging *Strategizing *Synergizing

  • Achieving Skills

    *Controlling & Following Up *Deciding & Initiating *Entrepreneuring & Intrapreneuring *Managing Projects & Resources *Championing Progress *Achieving Results

  • People Skills

    *Coaching *Conveying Credibility *Delegating & Empowering *Displaying Sensitivity *Leading & Influencing *Listening *Sales & Service *Negotiating *Presenting *Supporting Teamwork

  • Self-Guiding Skills

    *Displaying Professionalism *Managing Stress *Maintaining Self Discipline *Organizing & Planning *Persevering *Self-Developing *Priority Setting *Showing Flexibility *Managing Change

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