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Traditional interviews and tests only tell a partial story. We go beyond first impressions where all candidates tend to act and look alike. We believe that valid assessments give the best candidates a chance to shine, to show you their capabilities and give you the data to make the best hiring and promotion decisions. 

We deliver world-class situational judgment assessment and development tools to help your organization find and keep high-performing employees and leaders—accelerating productivity and driving business results. Situational Judgment TestQuickly benchmark your institutional leadership, customer service and sales capabilities against best practices both within the company and across external organizations. Drive sales, customer service and leadership excellence.

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The World's Best Situational Assessments

Your job candidates must show you their critical thinking skills, passion and more in challenging situations. Highly accurate and predictive. Hire superstars. It's simple. Really.

Situational Judgment Tests or SJTs are objective, data-driven assessments. They represent an advantage over self-report or other "perceptual" tests. Individuals must demonstrate or "show" you that they have the targeted competencies, not just talk about them or indicate their preferences. They can help you to know which job candidate or employee is able to think critically and to make the best decisions. They present the individual with scenarios that are similar to those that they might face in the target job. Each scenario describes a work-related situation and asks the test taker to make a decision or choose the action they would do if they were in that situation. For example, one question might be, "what would you do FIRST or what is the MOST important action to take?"

For each question, individuals are given several possible responses. They must choose the best response, which reflects their intended actions and decisions based upon their analysis of the situation. The responses are scored according to a relative level of effectiveness as determined earlier by a Subject Matter Expert (SME) panel. You will know who can think the best, perform the best, and make the best decisions.

Uses for Situational Judgment (SJ) Tests

    Certification—integral to an organization's training and certification efforts, SJs help to ensure that internal and external partners have mastered training concepts and can apply the knowledge to service accounts or new equipment.

    Training Needs Assessment—SJs can identify the strengths and gaps in employee skills, help to refocus training efforts, or assess the impact of training and development efforts.

    Leader Development—a key feature of an organization's leadership development and/or succession planning initiative, SJs can identify high performers and future leaders. Sample competencies measured may include critical thinking, leading and influencing others, sales and service, market analysis, customer relationship management.

    Hiring—SJs can help to ensure that only the best and most qualified candidates are offered jobs, thereby enhancing productivity, increasing retention, and lowering overall employee recruiting and screening costs.

    We have built custom SJs for Management, Sales, Customer Service, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Retail, Finance, Transportation, and IT environments.

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