Our Scientific Approach - Make Metrics Count

Everything we do at AIMM is grounded in science. Our team of industrial psychologists offers a full range of scientifically based products and services in Talent Acquisition, Leadership Development and Organization Development. We build and deliver the tools and analytical methods that empower your human capital decisions.

  • AIMM delivers better results to our clients through superior science.
  • Our scientific job analysis process identifies the job and organization factors that help your top performers succeed.
  • Your hiring or development solutions are then built using these success factors including performance skills, competencies, business strategy, marketplace, and culture. This process establishes clear content-validity.
  • We practice observation, documentation and measurement, assessing first then offering solutions that address your needs and match your culture.
  • We believe so strongly in the validity and reliability of these programs that we encourage you to involve us in legal issues and challenges.
  • Our online e-tools are researched and field-tested, meeting the highest standards of quality, validity and reliability.

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