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Identify, hire, promote, and develop world-class leaders who can deliver exceptional results, drive significant enterprise change, provide thought leadership, and motivate employees toward higher levels of performance and discretionary extra effort. See our most popular virtual assessment tools below.

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We work with organizations to create high-trust dividends including: Increased Value, Accelerated Growth, Enhanced Innovation, Improved Collaboration, and Better Execution.

We help you hire, develop & keep superstars!

The beauty of using AIMM's virtual situational judgment assessments is that they make visible those attributes that cannot be easily detected through traditional interviews, subjective tests or personal interactions.

  • Is the candidate likely to persist or give up easily in the face of hardship?
  • Can the candidate build sustainable work relationships?
  • Does the candidate have a tendency to be detail oriented or a big picture thinker?
  • Is the candidate able to use data to make the best decisions?

For over 15 years, AIMM has provided organizations clear and practical answers to these questions. Developed from the research of prominent psychologists at AT&T in the 60's, at Assessment Designs, Intl. in the 70's and 80's and more recently at AIMM, our simulations and situational judgment tests measure job-related behaviors, leadership attributes, interpersonal abilities, critical thinking, and other important aspects of behavior.

Studies show that the most effective assessments are objective job-sample situations — simulations, situational judgment tests, cognitive tests and behavioral interviews. Study after study has shown these objective tests to be the most predictive of a new hire's work success or an employee's skill mastery. They represent an advantage over self-report or other "perceptual" tests currently on the market. Individuals must demonstrate or "show" you that they have the targeted competencies, not just talk about them or indicate their preferences.

Drive sales and performance by hiring, developing and retaining the best leaders. Let your job candidates show you their leadership passion not just talk about it. Watch your training ROI soar because adults learn best when learning is experiential. Whether used in a hiring or learning environment, our Situational Judgment Tests are powerful scenario-based tools that measure and teach effective thinking, influencing, embracing change and getting results in individual, management and

leadership roles.

Our Suite of Tools

Successful organizations identify, assess, hire and develop those individuals most capable of succeeding on the job. AIMM's suite of Talent Life Cycle assessment and learning products help you to manage your talent. Everything we do at AIMM is grounded in science. Our team of industrial psychologists offers a full range of scientifically based products and services in Talent Acquisition, Leadership Development and Organization Development. We build and deliver the tools and analytical methods that empower your human capital decisions.

The first step is to objectively define and measure the behavioral "DNA" of your top performers. With this information we can duplicate top performers across your locations, train superstars or turnaround poorly performing work teams and your entire organization. Using our feedback systems, you can compare your assessment results to hundreds of best-in-class organizations and leaders.

We can support your initiatives with a set of services that range from job-matching to the design and implementation of customized assessment and development programs as well as different delivery options — Web-based, Live Workshops, or On Demand. Our products are the result of over thirty years of development and testing. Learn more about our suite of assessment and learning tools. Try out some demos and then let us know what you think.


The business simulation assessment center is one of the most accurate, thorough employee acquisition and learning technologies ever developed. When used for training, our simulation-based assessment center product evaluates and teaches leadership skills by having participants demonstrate performance in a series of real-world business simulations. As an experiential learning tool, participants "learn by doing", without the inherent risk, and receive results with development feedback from expert observers.


Drive sales by hiring and developing the strongest sales and sales management professionals. The SalesSJ is a scenario-based tool that measures effectiveness in sales and sales management including critical thinking, qualifying, motivating prospects, discovering needs, finding innovative solutions, gaining commitments, building relationships, and leading others. When used for learning, we provide individual results reports to enhance the learning process.


Maximize performance by hiring and training exceptional leaders using this insightful situational judgment tool. Test takers are asked to make decisions based on work-related situations. The LeadershipSJ measures leaders' effectiveness in managing and influencing others, critical thinking, adapting to change, planning, achieving results, and using visionary skills to lead the organization into the future. When used for learning, we provide individual results reports to enhance the learning process.


Focused interviews are based on sound performance-based assessment principles and techniques. They feature performance-based questions and performance standards to "dive deep" to evaluate job candidates accurately and objectively. Get it right the first time and hire only the BEST.


This powerful tool evaluates important performance-based entry-level skills and attitudes needed for getting results, influencing others, and developing effective relationships on the job. When used for learning, we provide individual results reports to enhance the learning process.

TKIM - Tacit Knowledge Inventory for Managers

The TKIM tool is designed to identify individuals whose “street smarts” indicate the potential for exceptional performance in managerial and executive careers. AIMM uses the tool to guide organizations in the selection of entry-level managers, promotion of first- and second-level leaders to higher ranks, and as a diagnostic tool for training and development.


Our employee engagement survey tools will help you to better understand and address organizational, cultural, and leadership factors that can either motivate or drive away high performers. They provide you with metrics on crucial work success factors including views of management, pay, ability to accomplish work, available resources, loyalty to organization, decision making, rewards, and incentives.


Our culture analysis survey will identify areas where you have built strong trust with employees (high speed and low costs) and where you must continue to build trust with employees (low speed and high costs). We examine four major factors involved in building trust: integrity, intent, capability, and results. People and organizations must work to increase effectiveness in each of these areas to be the most credible and believable.

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