The most awkward part of doing business can be discussing pricing. You may want to work with us, we may want to work with you, but the pricing has to work for the project to move forward. So, we will remove the mystery for you right up front.

Most of what we do involves tailored online assessment and learning solutions so pricing does depend on a case-by-case evaluation based on our client's needs. Most projects consist of four phases—diagnosis, design and development, implementation, and reporting results that comprise a range of 10-20 billable days. So, we price our work by the day in most cases. Our pricing starts at $5,000 - 5,500/day for most talent life cycle projects. Individual consulting and coaching days are priced similarly. For our branded off-the-shelf online assessments, we offer a sliding scale fee structure starting at $20 per etest up to $400 per etest depending on projected volume. An annual licensing fee is another option available. Whether this fits your situation or your project is more complex, we’ll put together a proposal for you to consider. You get the idea.

There, now that the pricing isn’t a mystery any more, let’s get back to talking about how to build talent to accelerate performance and innovation at your organization.

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