Our Guiding Philosophy

We believe in scientific inquiry: a process intended to be as objective as possible in order to reduce biased interpretations of results. We seek to understand your reality and to let your reality speak for itself. Why is your organization successful? What is your culture? Who are your top performers and why are they successful?

  • We're not for everyone. But, if you choose to work with us, we will make you successful.
  • As messengers, we help you to uncover and understand your truths through our diagnostic, assessment and training tools.
  • We will fuel your success but this will cause some discomfort along the way. If you accept that doing exceptional work can be messy at times, then we are the right choice.
  • As problem solvers, we work with you to analyze your current reality and bring about your desired changes through our tailored content solutions.
  • We believe in action learning—active adult learning. Adults learn best when learning is experiential. Our development-based assessment programs feature powerful and practical diagnostic experiences and challenges.
  • We emphasize personal strengths and development opportunities.
  • We believe that real learning and behavioral change takes place over time and in the real world, not in the sterile classroom environment. We help individuals understand and see how they can gain long-term success using small, intermediate steps.
We believe that technology can contribute greatly to building and managing talent but it is only part of the solution.

-Robert W. Adams, AIMM Consulting

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