Organization Insight Tools

Our research indicates that high-trust/accountability organizations outperform low-trust/accountability organizations 3:1. Our data-driven tools will help you to analyze your organization, work group, or leadership culture to better understand your strengths and vulnerabilities so that you can achieve best-in-class performance.
Solutions include:
  • Talent Audit - determining enterprise-wide skill/knowledge strengths and gaps
  • Building high trust teams and organizations
  • Introducing the right rewards/incentives to bring about change
  • Benchmarking your organization against top-tier organizations
  • Engaging and communicating better with employees about the need for change
  • Developing best practices
  • Creating high-functioning executive leadership teams
  • Avoiding organized labor activity

We can support your initiatives with a set of services that range from job-matching to the design and implementation of a customized program as well as different delivery options, e.g., Web-based, LIVE, or On Demand.


Our employee engagement survey tool will help you to better understand and address organizational, cultural, and leadership factors that can either motivate or drive away high performers. It provides you with metrics on crucial work success factors including views of management, pay, ability to accomplish work, available resources, loyalty to organization, decision making, rewards, and incentives.


Our culture analysis survey will identify areas where you have built strong trust with employees (high speed and low costs) and where you must continue to build trust with employees (low speed and high costs). We examine four major factors involved in building trust: integrity, intent, capability, and results. People and organizations must work to increase effectiveness in each of these areas to be the most credible and believable.

We work with organizations to create high-trust dividends including: Increased Value, Accelerated Growth, Enhanced Innovation, Improved Collaboration, Stronger Partnering, Better Execution, and Heightened Loyalty.


Our JOBCalculator job analysis tool will help you to assess and identify the high-performer skills and knowledge required to achieve breakthrough success and execute the strategy. Then analyze, define, categorize and document your resulting high-performer DNA - skill and knowledge-related success factors.

Based on your high-performer DNA, AIMM's suite of assessment tools will help you to objectively assess and measure your current state, identifying skill and knowledge-related strengths and gaps and determining resource needs:

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