Executive Select Tools

Attract, hire, promote, develop and retain top C-level executive talent - leaders who can deliver exceptional results, drive significant enterprise-wide change, develop and keep outstanding talent, provide critical thought leadership and lead the organization into the future.

Solutions include:

  • Building executive leadership teams
  • Redirecting dysfunctional team
  • Avoiding executive derailment
  • Identifying potential executive leaders
  • Developing executive leaders

We can support your initiatives with a set of services that range from job-matching to the design and implementation of a customized program as well as different delivery options, e.g., Web-based, LIVE, or On Demand.

Whether used in a hiring or learning environment, the following tools measure and teach effective thinking, interpersonal, teamwork, analysis and problem solving in management and leadership roles.


Our data-driven executive coaching is an organization-sponsored development process for top high-potential employees. It is a customized and holistic development process that provides deep behavioral insights intended to accelerate an executive’s business results and effectiveness as a leader. This coaching is based on a collaborative relationship between the executive and an executive coach. We use 360-degree feedback and other leadership assessments to help leaders gain greater awareness. Real data then serves as a base from which real change can take place.


The business simulation assessment center is one of the most accurate, thorough employee acquisition and learning technologies ever developed. When used for training, our simulation-based assessment center product evaluates and teaches leadership skills by having participants demonstrate performance in a series of real-world business simulations. As an experiential learning tool, participants "learn by doing", without the inherent risk, and receive results with development feedback from expert observers.


The LeadershipSJ measures leaders' effectiveness in managing and influencing others, critical thinking, adapting to change, planning, achieving results, and using visionary skills to lead the organization into the future. When used for learning, we provide individual results reports to enhance the learning process.

Tacit Knowledge Inventory for Managers (TKIM)

The TKIM tool is designed to identify individuals whose “street smarts” indicate the potential for exceptional performance in managerial and executive careers.

Watson Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal (WGCTA)

Designed to identify high-potential performers and assess critical thinking skills for sound decision-making, this tool is ideal for hiring, promotion, development and succession planning for management and other roles requiring an individual to work with business information to determine strategy, reduce risk, and maximize organizational performance.

Character Profile

This insightful tool measures organization "fit", personal characteristics and work orientation factors important to job success. When used for learning, we provide individual results reports to enhance the learning process.


A powerful, in-depth 360º assessment tool designed to provide honest co-worker feedback to assist leaders and managers in taking performance to the next level.

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