Client Testimonials

Ms. Karla Coble, Chief Operating Officer, Concord Rents, Ltd.

"AIMM was instrumental in helping our executive leaders move from technical to strategic thinkers. Our business grew extensively in recent years and with AIMM's job specific leadership development profiles, programs and coaching (Executive Select and Leader Challenge tools), the company has been able to accelerate and retain a majority of the executive team through this rapid period of growth. "...your partners are exceptional initiators, creative and forward thinkers who assisted us in creating a platform for continued financial success when our business experienced soft real estate market conditions and a down turn in the economy."

Mr. Gary Stafford, Director, Leadership Development, Flowserve Corporation

"Recently, I received a comment from a senior manager who told me that the individuals selected as a result of the assessment center (AIMM's Technology Bound Assessment Experience) represent some of the best talent we have seen in years...many of those selected in the 2009/2015 timeframe have already been promoted and continue to be excellent performers. I want to thank AIMM for producing an outstanding simulation tool enabling Flowserve to better select high quality talent."

Mr. Rex C. Vonnahme, Regional Director Sales, Union Pacific Railroad

"The outcome of the testing was both enlightening and educational. It was instrumental in identifying both strengths and training needs within all levels of Union Pacific Marketing and Sales employees. From the test results, the Union Pacific Training Team was able to design and implement training courses that addressed core needs of employees at multiple stages of their careers...this training remains one of the most effective training programs within the rail industry today."

Ms. Rita Kavanaugh, Development Director, Quest Diagnostics

“Our challenge is that we were not consistent in our regional sales performance across product lines. We needed a way to assess skills and knowledge objectively and use the results to promote and move people to areas that better matched their strengths. AIMM’s assessment center process for sales management was tailored for us, using our critical skills and high performer characteristics. We were able to identify with confidence who should be promoted and what skills were lacking in current sales managers. AIMM was expert at helping us revise our training to meet these needs.”

Mr. Edward J. Kleiman, CEO, Concord Management Ltd.

"Your guidance, insight and coaching has helped us navigate the seas and achieve many of our goals and successes. AIMM's work on our Leadership Profiles and Performance Management Program allowed us to quickly and professionally change the entire dynamics of how we evaluate and measure team members' performance today."

Mr. W. Tom Cunningham, Jr., President/CEO, Westminster Canterbury

"Quite frankly, the results were beyond my wildest dreams! Not only was I pleased with the keen insights AIMM's Leader Challenge tools produced on each individual executive leader, but they themselves were grateful for the assessment feedback . . . I am already seeing positive effects . . . increased morale and increased productivity. The experience made all of us think more broadly, to abandon some turf issues that have been present for so long, and to go for the good of the organization."

Mr. Colvin Bowman, VP Leadership Advancement, Pillsbury/General Mills

“In our PRH division, every job candidate we saw looked and interviewed the same. We requested that AIMM review our current hiring process and interview questions to provide some insight. After a careful review, AIMM recommended and produced custom performance-based interview questions, which we were able to use to see real differences in our candidates.”

Mr. Taz Daughtrey, Director, Education, Babcock & Wilcox, Nuclear Fuel Division

"We had some concerns about performance in one of our chemical processing units and contacted AIMM to assess the situation. AIMM partners evaluated our performance systems using their Leader Challenge and Technology Bound tools, documenting both group and individual results, detailing areas needing development and identifying existing and potential high performers. We found these analyses quite helpful in providing targeted training within the unit as well as in specifying future qualification procedures. Unit performance improved tremendously."

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