The 7 Simple™ Rules for the Exceptional Workforce

  • Hire the Best - Focus on the right candidate every time

    The right person, in the right seat, on the right bus is the starting point. The quality of your organization performance begins with the quality of your hiring and promotion processes. If you can attract, hire and promote the best talent right up-front, the remaining rules are much easier to accomplish and have a greater payoff. AIMM's "Top-Level" recruiting and hiring programs help you to select only the best "A" level talent to match your organization culture and the critical job KSAs (Knowledge, Skills, Abilities). We help you to capture and define your high performer "DNA"—your cultural factors, your KSAs and other critical success factors—through Job Analysis and/or Competency Profiling. We then work with you to develop a selection process to infuse your organization with A-level talent.

  • On-Board Swiftly - Get your employees to revenue-producing levels quickly

    Motivate and engage your new hires making absolutely sure that they feel welcomed, valued, and prepared for what lies ahead. Share with them the organization's history, the business model, and the unique narrative that sets the organization apart from competitors. Go deeper by sharing profiles of the owners, the executive leadership team, the culture, mission, values and vision. Seek alignment. Talk with them about expectations for success. Challenge them early-on with self-assessment and development as well as other insightful learning opportunities. On-Boarding done right can improve productivity and employee retention, and build shared corporate culture. Our On-Boarding programs include Orientation, Celebration and Recognition, Self-Assessment, 90-Day Development Plans, and Coaching.

  • Make Performance Count - Drive exceptional performance and results

    Guide your employees toward exceptional performance by challenging them through learning, training, coaching, certification, mentoring, and rewards. For years, research has shown that employees are motivated by opportunities for mastery, self-direction, passion and alignment with an organization's larger vision and values. If these conditions are met, employees are more engaged, more productive and better able to demonstrate exceptional performance and results. Make sure that your vision and values are more than concepts on paper, that employees have an operational understanding of them. Employees must understand how they can represent the organization's vision and values on a daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis.

  • Build Leadership Capacity - Develop Exceptional Leaders

    Our work with organizations suggests leaders are the drivers behind employee engagement, productivity and discretionary extra effort (DEE). Great leaders can attract, motivate and give high performers a reason to stay. Research proves that these factors impact a company’s bottom-line, meaning exceptional leadership can transform an organization from good to great. That’s why we partner with companies to ensure that their leaders are exceptional—and can drive exceptional performance and results.

  • Groom Your Talent - Build your talent pipeline

    Well-designed succession planning and management programs allow you to identify high performers early in the work cycle and groom them for higher-level decision making. High-potential development programs give your high-performing employees a reason to stay and they ensure a smooth transition during times of organization change and growth. We offer programs including Job Analysis, Competency Modeling, Leader Profiling, Succession Assessment, Performance-Potential Talent Matrix, and High Potential Coaching.

  • Be Authentic - Develop high-trust teams and organizations

    Build high-function, high-trust teams and organizations from the beginning OR commit to doing the work of transforming dysfunctional teams and organizations. Trust is now understood as a hard-edged, quantifiable, economic driver of success. High-trust organizations operate with "high speed" and "low costs". Create and nurture an environment of authenticity and trust, essential conditions to generate a high return on expectations. AIMM programs feature Cultural Analysis Surveys, Strategic Focus and Planning workshops, Engagement Surveys, 360 Degree Reflection Feedback, and Executive Coaching.

  • Align and Sustain - Maintain exceptional performance over time

    Boost performance and keep employees engaged over the long haul. Create an environment where employee and managers can track assigned activities, communicate job performance expectations, and define goals that are aligned to business objectives. Performance management ensures that everyone is focused on the right initiatives to grow the business. Well-designed performance assessment, development and management programs help you to motivate and sustain your employees' performance over time. These programs must help employees to understand how their performance contributes to the organization's short- and long-term success and that they have a very real and personal stake in that success. Our programs feature Job Descriptions, Competency Models, Skill Assessments, High Performer Job Profiles and Metrics, Circle of Excellence rewards, 360 Degree Performance Evaluation, Performance Progress Reviews, Coaching for Improvement, and Training Needs Analysis.

    Top talent demands accountability from others and doesn't mind being held accountable for their projects.

    -Robert W. Adams, AIMM Consulting

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