Hire and Develop a World-Class Sales Force

The best sales people are great thinkers. They are fantastic strategists and problem solvers. They are constantly questioning, exploring, discovering, and evaluating. They see the possibilities in every situation.

Many organizations make a mistake when they think about sales. Some think it is all about the product — that success comes from good product knowledge and a great pitch. Good product knowledge is important, but that’s not what sales is about. And the pitch really has nothing to do with it, unless you are in the infomercial business.

Many companies think it is about the relationship — with the image of the glad handing, back slapping salesman, made famous in literature and movies. Deep, trusting and integrity-based relationships are important, but that does not tell the whole story.

A compelling business strategy alone does not guarantee results. You need talented sales people who are great thinkers to execute the strategy. AIMM's powerful assessments and learning experiences help infuse your organization with high performers—accelerating productivity and driving business results. Our assessment and learning tools help you to meet and surpass today's sales challenges.

Whether used in a hiring or learning environment, the following tools measure and teach effective thinking, decision making, problem solving, influencing and getting results in sales and sales leadership roles.

Sales Delivered Tools

Hire, identify or train exceptional sales and marketing employees. Fill crucial sales and customer support roles with people who get the results you want.

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JOBCalculator™ Tool

AIMM's award-winning JOBCalculator job analysis program is an efficient, cost-effective way to identify a job's critical success factors.

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Executive Select Tools

Hire, identify, cultivate and retain world-class executives who possess and demonstrate powerful influencing, thinking, and visionary skills necessary to lead the organization into the future.

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Leader Challenge Tools

Hire, identify or train world-class sales leaders to motivate team members and to execute your strategy.

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